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Sustainable & Resilient Building Design

On this Project:

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Vaclav Hasik



Sustainable & Resilient Metrics

There is some consensus on the factors influencing building resilience and sustainability, and both have been studied individually to inform codes and rating systems; however, little has been done in the quantification and analysis of the two aspects side by side and in regards to buildings. The goal of this research is to define quantitative metrics for characterization of building systems and components and their effect on the sustainability and resilience of the building as a whole. The approach and metrics focus on the early design phase, creating a platform for performance-based design of sustainable and resilient buildings.

Life Cycle Structural Resilience to Natural Hazards

Our approach to the quantification of sustainability and resilience of building designs builds on the typical whole building life cycle assessment approach. While typical building LCA focuses on operational energy use and embodied energy in building materials, our approach also includes earthquake engineering and water treatment methods to expand the scope of the assessment, and consider the structural integrity and water demand of the building.

Associated Publications

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