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Sustainable Healthcare

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Nicole Campion


Investigating The Impact of Green Healthcare Buildings
A Comparison Between a LEED Oncology Unit And a Traditional Oncology Unit

Evidence-based design (EBD) studies have grown rapidly over the last decade, attempting to link traditional building design to building occupants, with a particular emphasis in healthcare settings. The goal of this study was to understand the impact EBD has on a green building space and support the integration of green building design criteria into traditional EBD metrics.

This study captured the impact of both EBD and green building strategies by analyzing different metrics across a three-year period for the same 28-bed women’s oncology unit spanning the traditional hospital (Unit 2800) space and the new green addition (Unit 5800). Green building features included high-efficiency HVAC and lighting systems, low-VOC products, and HEPA filters while EBD features included decentralized nursing stations, blue and beige color palettes,and acoustic panels. Over 45 metrics based on quality of care, productivity, utilities, expenses, staff satisfaction, and patient satisfaction were statistically analyzed via two-sample T tests.

This study delved into many aspects of a hospital unit to determine how EBD and green building design features could impact different performance metrics. Of the six metric categories analyzed, quality of care, productivity, and utilities all stayed relatively unchanged from Unit 2800 (traditional/pre-move) to Unit 5800 (green/post-move) with a slight decrease in number of staff needed due to lower census. Expenses, staff satisfaction, and patient satisfaction saw a general upward trend from Unit 2800 (traditional/pre-move) to Unit 5800 (green/post-move).

Associated Publications

Campion, N., Thiel, C.L., Focareta, J., Bilec, M.M. (2016). "Understanding Green Building Design & Healthcare Outcomes: An Evidence Based Design Analysis of an Oncology Unit." ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering. 04016009.

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